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Kalonoros, the name given to Alanya in the 12th century, was ruled by the pirate Kyr Vard.

In 1221, Alaadin Keykubat, the Selcuk’s Sultan, moved his army to surround the city of Kalomoros.

The siege lasted 2 months from both the sea and the land. Due to lack of food and supplies Kyr Vard agreed to surrender, and gave his beautiful daughter Huand to the Sultan in order to save his own life.

The Sultan married her and changed her name to Mahperi. Sultan Alaadin Keykubat made Alanya the second capital to be used in winter because of its nature and climate. At that time, Alanya had its name in history books due to the delicious foods and beautiful people found there. Mahperi Sultans name has never been heard again…

But her beauty remains in the Mediterraneans sparkling waves…. And her delicious foods recipe remain the same in Mahperi Restaurant.

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